SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 4 Notes

Our goals in this sprint were to: 1) Continue co-designing the service with partners – to better understand how the solution could be used to support more joined-up and effective partnership working in Huntingdonshire, and understand where it could help deliver wider benefits, and 2) To capture the high-level system requirements, design the solution andContinue reading “SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 4 Notes”

SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 3 Notes

Our goal in this sprint was to test our planned approach of digital engagement with residents, to make sure we’re designing something that they would be happy to use, and to continue designing the service and developing the blueprint (which included the team doing some further discovery and scoping work). You can watch our SprintContinue reading “SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 3 Notes”

SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 2 Notes

The goal of this sprint was to develop our service design thinking.  We did this by engaging with both internal and external stakeholders to gather some initial insights which would then be developed further in sprints 3 and 4: You can watch our Sprint 2 show and tell here. Interviewed several HDC ‘Subject Matter Experts’Continue reading “SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 2 Notes”

SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 1 Notes

The goal of this sprint was to agree our approach to the different problems we had to solve in the project around data models, who were we engaging with and how etc. in this sprint we: You can watch our Sprint 1 show and tell here. Had several deeper-dive briefing sessions to help onboard newContinue reading “SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 1 Notes”

SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 0 Notes

The objective of this sprint was to “get organised” and bring the team together. In this sprint we: Onboarded and briefed a new Delivery Manager for Phase 2. Discussed Phase 2 scope with the HDC Project Sponsor and other senior managers (key stakeholders) to clarify how this project fits with the wider work that HDCContinue reading “SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 0 Notes”