SENA Phase 1

Great Risk

Understanding vulnerability and risks due to COVID

Our initial bid into the COVID Response Fund from the MHCLG Local Digital Collaboration Team was about applying and developing our household risk model based on understanding the life events experienced by a household. This was designed to work alongside our work on understanding the impact of COVID and supporting the work we had done on outbound calling residents of the district to understand if they needed support to help during COVID and direct them to where they can find support.

Our initial work helped understand who might have a need now, the risk modelling is about trying to find out who will be vulnerable in the future and how we can engage with them early and direct them towards supporting services found within their community.

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SENA Phase 1 – Working with SAVVI

The SAVVI (Scalable Approach to Vulnerability Via Interoperability) project is also funded by the MHCLG Local Digital Covid-19 Challenge Fund it is led by Tameside and Sedgemoor Councils.  The project aims to create and promote a set of data standards and information governance sharing “pathways” that are applicable to data that will help support delivering better outcomes to vulnerable people and households.   In phase 1 the SAVVI project developed an…

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SENA Phase 1 – Project Recap

Why were we doing this?  Our motivation for doing this was looking at the data we have around our services, we saw a 150% increase in Universal Credit (UC) claimants in our district from March 20 – September 20. This was driven from both Covid-related job and income losses (some driven from furlough). Our data indicates that there may be a correlation showing that those…

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