LGA Voice Bots

Closing the divide between digital and voice channels using bot technology to serve information requests.

Funded by the LGA digital inclusion programme this projected was aimed at improving how we provided information to digitally excluded communities.

Recently there has been a great deal of effort expended to create a compelling digital channel. The digital channel is more cost effective and available 24*7 unlike phone and face to face channels.

However we need to ensure that the digitally excluded are still given a good service and the best way to do this is to use voice bots technology to enable our digital content to be surfaced via voice channels to our excluded communities. Within Huntingdonshire we are particularly interested in ensuring a good service to our rural elderly.

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LGA Voice Bots – Project Summary

Finally trying to put down on paper what we have done with the LGA over the last year on our work on digital inclusion is hard as COVID has meant this was a very much an as and when project rather than the tightly focused project we had hoped. We have been working with the…

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