SENA Phase 2 – Technical Architecture

The third in our series of posts around our outputs here we focus on the proposed technical architecture for the solution. Throughout the work we were considering how it could be implemented and specifically how we could make use of what already exists in terms of technology and standards, in order to make the solution easy to scale.

The technical architecture is based on building on top of exist solutions in the market and is also compatible with OpenSource code bases. Part of this is also looking at how we can make use of and extend standards like OpenReferral and the LGA Service Directory as starting points.

Alongside the technical architecture we captured a high level backlog of user stories that starts to detail the development work that would need to be done in future sprints to build the solution. This can be viewed on our Trello board. We are continuing to refine and add to this backlog so it is very much a working board.

SENA Development Backlog

If you want to know more or ask the team any questions about the work we have done please get in touch and we would be happy to share more details on our findings, lessons learnt and the experience of creating the user stories and technical architecture.

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