SENA Phase 2 – It’s a Wrap!

Yesterday (Thursday 5th) we held the final show and tell for the SENA Phase 2 Project were we played back everything we had set out to do, what we had done and what we had learnt as a result of the project. It’s was a whistle-stop tour of a 4 month long project being played back in a little under an hour.

We would like to thank everyone who attended; from the project team, our near neighbours at South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City District Councils as well as Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary and all of those from further a field including Dorset Council to name one. (There were others to be sure, I just didn’t catch everyone).

You can watch the Show and Tell below, through to the questions at the end!

As requested the deck that was presented is below, if you want to read along to see the diagrams slightly better. We will be publishing all of the assets we created and a full report later.

Now the project has “wrapped” we are moving into “post production” as it were and taking everything we have done and making it fully presentation ready. We will keep posting here and sharing assets like the full service blueprint, the user research report, our risk model etc over the coming weeks.

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