SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 3 Notes

Our goal in this sprint was to test our planned approach of digital engagement with residents, to make sure we’re designing something that they would be happy to use, and to continue designing the service and developing the blueprint (which included the team doing some further discovery and scoping work).

You can watch our Sprint 3 show and tell here.

In this sprint we:

  • Developed some example proto-personas and a simple user journey/flow, along with some wireframes of the proposed online (customer-facing) screens (which were built using Figma) to test with some residents as part of our user research. 
  • Recruited and interviewed 7 residents – we tested the wireframes with them and asked about the type of personal information they would be willing to provide and under what circumstances.  We asked them about being referred on to 3rd party support service providers (e.g. VCS organisations) and whether they would be likely to consent to sharing their personal information, that had captured, with these partners.   We also asked them whether having the ability to create a customer profile/account (i.e. the ability to save the information they had provided and return to it later, so that it could be easily updated and the support search query re-run) was functionality that they wanted and would use.
  • Collated the user feedback into a summary report, with the research insights and key findings/recommendations being used to inform further development of both the service blueprint and the UX design – which are both being iterated frequently by the team, based on discussions and feedback from different stakeholders and types of user.
  • Developed and sent out an online ‘Co-Design Survey’ to gather more information and feedback from a wider group of ROs/VCS organisations and other local partners.  The survey closes on 1 July – then the responses will be analysed and used to inform the service blueprint.  We also continued planning for our 2 ‘Co-Design Workshop’ sessions that we will be running with partners in Sprint 4.
  • Discussed the next iteration of our Service Monitoring & Evaluation Plan, to ensure that the intended outcomes and impacts are all being identified and recorded accurately, along with the required project inputs and outputs.  The appropriate metrics, measures and baseline data will all be explored and developed in more detail in our next sprint, and we are mindful that these need to be proportionate and meaningful, to ensure that this will add value to our operational service delivery.
  • Continued to provide weekly progress updates to the SAVVI Project team and our assigned MHCLG-LDCU Collaboration Manager.  The team also met with our SAVVI Coach and shared more information about the work that was completed in Phase 1 (e.g. the data-sets that were used or requested during our Covid response work, to identify other potentially vulnerable residents, as well as the Information Governance issues that were experienced both within HDC and externally (e.g. obtaining data from Cambridgeshire County Council).
  • Met with the Hackney Council ‘Building Preventative Approaches / Here to Help’ project team to identify any overlaps in our work and potential opportunities to share learning etc.  The team also met with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust ‘How Are You’ Project Lead, to discuss our plans and opportunities to align or collaborate.  This project is a pilot, developing and rolling out a new set of locality-based sites, with a service directory (primarily focused on signposting to mental wellbeing activities and mental health support services, however they are also signposting residents to a wide range of other types of support as well).  Several of their websites are live already (e.g. How Are You Peterborough – Bringing together everything in the local community that is good for mental wellbeing.), with others planned and in their development pipeline – this includes one for Huntingdonshire, so we’ll need to consider how this fits with our plans.
  • Continued to deliver against our ‘Comms and Stakeholder Engagement Plan’ – which included developing and publishing some more new content on our ‘HDC Projects’ site:
    1. Sprint 2 Notes & the Sprint 2 Show & Tell session recording
    2. ‘Service Blueprints 101’ blog
    3. ‘Developing a Scoring Model’ blog
    4. ‘Phase 1 Design Sprint and User Research Q&A’ (interview with our partner, Unboxed) vlog
  • Presented the SENA project, including some of the lessons learned so far, at the ‘Digital Leaders Week’ event (the recording of this session is available here).

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