SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 2 Notes

The goal of this sprint was to develop our service design thinking.  We did this by engaging with both internal and external stakeholders to gather some initial insights which would then be developed further in sprints 3 and 4:

You can watch our Sprint 2 show and tell here.

Sprint 2 Show and Tell
  • Interviewed several HDC ‘Subject Matter Experts’ in the Community and Customer Services teams, as well as representatives from various VCS / Partner Organisations.  We wanted to learn and understand more about how they all operate and how they either directly support, or signpost, potentially vulnerable residents, who may be at risk of experiencing a crisis without receiving some early support.  We also discussed their most common issues and pain-points.
  • Collated all these initial insights into a User Research report which was shared with some key stakeholders.  We used these insights to help inform development of several User Personas/Profiles, as well as the 1st draft of the Service Blueprint, which will be discussed and iterated, based on the feedback received, in the next sprint.
  • Started identifying and recruiting appropriate participants for the 1st round of User Research/Testing interviews, which are being held on 16 & 17 June.
  • Provided briefings and engaged with multiple other internal/external stakeholders, which included:
    • New HDC Covid Recovery Programme Manager
    • Hunts Forum RO Group
    • Accent Housing Group Reps
    • Huntingdonshire Food Network Coordinator
    • NHS Barnsley CCG – Engagement Lead
  • Continued to provide weekly updates to the SAVVI project (and MHCLG-LDU) to ensure visibility of the work being done by both projects and the ongoing alignment of our plans.  Over the next 2 sprints, the SAVVI team experts will be developing the case-study and inputting to our discussions about data standards and information governance issues / requirements etc.
  • Finalised and published new Phase 1 & 2 content on the HDC Projects site, to share some of the knowledge, experience and learning gained so far.
  • Further developed the HDC User Needs Model & Risk Scoring approach – expanding on the existing LGA model.  This will continue to be discussed and iterated over the coming weeks, as part of the more detailed service and technical solution design work.  
  • Developed & shared the 1st draft of SENA Impact Monitoring & Evaluation Plan (using the ‘Theory of Change’ template provided by MHCLG-LDU).  This will be discussed in more detail (both internally and with SAVVI / MHCLG reps) during the next sprint and this will also continue to be iterated over the coming weeks, based on the feedback received.
  • Had a few challenges and identified a few more lessons learned!  These will be captured and shared in more detail in a future blog post.

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