SENA Phase 2 – Sprint 0 Notes

The objective of this sprint was to “get organised” and bring the team together. In this sprint we:

  • Onboarded and briefed a new Delivery Manager for Phase 2.
  • Discussed Phase 2 scope with the HDC Project Sponsor and other senior managers (key stakeholders) to clarify how this project fits with the wider work that HDC is currently undertaking around Covid Recovery, Transformation, Community Strategy Implementation and Customer Engagement.
  • Reviewed and discussed the Phase 1 work, to understand the ideas that were explored and developed (as part of the wider HDC Covid response) and the key ‘lessons learnt’ which we’ll use to help inform Phase 2 delivery and the SENA design.
  • Continued to share and discuss plans with the MHCLG-funded SAVVI (Scalable Approach to Vulnerability Via Interoperability) project, to understand how the 2 projects will work together effectively – with HDC piloting and informing further development of the new SAVVI playbook, providing feedback on our experience, which will be documented by their team as 1 of 2 Local Authority case studies.
  • Developed a Comms Plan for this phase and created a new ‘HDC Projects’ website, which will be used to share project-specific information and updates externally.  We published some initial high-level content and development of further content (detailing the work completed by the team in Phase 1) got underway.
  • Reviewed, discussed and updated the draft Phase 2 Project Initiation Document (PID) and the high level delivery plan.
  • Confirmed project team resourcing and roles (which were also mapped against the new HDC Community Team BAU roles, to identify the potential future product/task ownership and where transitions between resources could happen, once recruitment and onboarding has been completed).
  • Sourced User Research capability from a different supplier (as unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, HDCs existing UR partner was unable to resource this work in the required timescale).
  • Briefed a new HDC supplier – Placecube (who are providing specialist expertise in User Research, Service Design and Product Management in this phase).
  • Held a Phase 2 kick-off session with the project team (HDC & Placecube resources) where we discussed the Phase 2 objectives and deliverables, project governance arrangements, the delivery model, team structure, roles & responsibilities, ways of working, proposed sprint goals etc.  We also agreed to review the overall proposed work-plan as one of the first next steps for Sprint 1.
  • Set up the internal/external team collaboration tools (e.g. Trello Boards, Google Drive and a Slack channel).
  • Booked in the Sprint Ceremonies (e.g. Show & Tells / Retrospectives / Planning etc) for this phase.

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